Grade  2                                            

                                                                  Fantastic February
        February activities will begin with Catholic Schools Week. "Silly Socks Day" is on the first of the month. Children will wear their uniforms, but with the silliest socks. "Special Persons Day" is on that day also, with a luncheon and bake sale in the church hall. Please join us! Friday, February 2 is "Fancy Friday," when children dress for success in their finest clothes.
        The Second Graders are beginning to learn about their souls, sin, and getting grace. Each child has designed an angel, and when a child does a "good deed," their angel gets his or her golden wings. After that first good deed, children will record further good deeds on an "Acts of Kindness Chart" in the classroom.
        In Mathematics, we are learning to tell time to 5 minute intervals, and practicing how to solve word problems. In Reading, the children are following the continuing adventures of the "Super Kids."
        We will be having a Valentine Show for our parents, but the date has yet to be determined. We cannot have it on Valentine's Day because that is also Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of Lent.
        More information to follow...
                                                                                                   Mrs Amore