Grade  2                                            

                                                  November News
         It's been a busy Fall in Second Grade!
         We began the year by making paper ice cream cones, which we flipped over and turned into clowns. We also made self portraits of how we looked on the first day of school. We painted Autumn trees, and to celebrate the beginning of Fall, we made our traditional Autumn cake, with the help of Natalia Castillo's mom. We also learned many seasonal songs and poems, and presented our first show of the year on Halloween for our families. It was wonderful to see  members from every student's family at our show. 
          We are now preparing our second show of the year that will be presented on Nov. 21, as part of our Thanksgiving feast. We are planning a sit-down turkey dinner for all the second graders and their families on that day. If each family can contribute one item of food, the feast will be a great success. 
          In Reading, we finished the first unit in our textbook, and in Mathematics, we have completed units 
on concepts of quantity, addition, and subtraction. In Social Studies, we are studying communities. We are learning scientific terms and practices in our Science Fusion textbook. 
          We welcomed two new students to Second Grade in November, Julian Cando and Caroline Marin. Your new classmates hope that you enjoy it here as much as we do, and have a successful year.
                       Important Dates To Remember:
          November 21 at 10:00 - Thanksgiving Feast in the church hall.
          November 30 at 9:30 - Field trip to Peabody Museum to learn about Native Americans in Connecticut.
                                                                                                      Mrs. Amore