Grade  2                                            

                                                          November News
      It's been a busy fall in Second Grade !!!
      We began the year by making paper ice cream cones which we flipped over, and they became clowns.  We also made self-portraits of how we looked on the first day of school.  We painted Autumn trees, and to celebrate the beginning of Fall, we made our traditional Autumn cake. Ismael Cuvi's Mom was wonderful with helping!
       We learned many seasonal songs and poems, and presented our first show of the year on Halloween to all our families. After the show, we ate lunch with our parents, and then got into our costumes for the Halloween Parade.
      We are now preparing our second show of the year, that will be presented on November 22 at our Thanksgiving Feast. Please try to join us for a turkey dinner with all the "trimmings".
      In Reading, we finished Unit 1 in our new "Superkids" reading program, and in Mathematics, we have begun to explore "math mountains" in the "Math Expressions" series.
      In Social Studies, we are studying communities, and in Science are learning about scientific terms and practices in our "Science Fusion" textbook.
              November 22 at 10:00 AM- Thanksgiving Show and Feast
              November 29- Report Cards go home
                                                              Debbie Amore