Grade  2                                            

                                                                 Welcome Back!
          Dear Second Grade Parents and Students,
My name is Mrs Amore, and your child is going to be in my room for Second Grade this year at St. Francis/St. Rose School.
I hope you had a nice summer, but I can't wait for school to start because we're going to learn many new things, and have a lot of fun too!
We'll make lots of crafts, take trips, cook yummy food, perform shows, and use our i-pads, iust to tell you a few things.
My room is the one with the blue door and the big "2" on top of it. I'll be the teacher with the blonde hair and the big smile. I'll be waiting to meet You!
                                                               Mrs. Amore
p.s. Don't forget to bring a picture of yourself to school, as well as your summer homework book and your school supplies.