Grade 3-Welcome back to school!

Welcome back to school and welcome to the incoming 3rd graders! I hope your summer was full of praying, playing and reading! We are going to have an exciting year filled with lots of plans, projects, learning and fun! 

Dates to remember-

Nov. 26-30: Savers fundraiser, drop off from 2-5 in Church Hall

Nov. 29- Report cards close

Picture Re-takes

Dec. 1- Field Trip to The Knights of Columbus Museum

              Report cards go home

               9:00 Mass/12:00 Dismissal

Dec. 7- St. Margaret's Ladies Guild visit-Grade 2 and 3

Dec. 8- 9:00 Mass

Christmas Concert ( To be announced)

Christmas Break- Dec. 25-29


11/6-Daniela Valentin

12/3-Leopoldo Silva-Rojas

12/4-Arianna Donegan


Ice Cream - $ 1.00 evry Tues. and Thurs.

Pizza- every Wednesday (money due by Tues.)









The 3rd grade has been granted another scholarship for  our yearly Book writing project-supported by the Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation for $1,000.00- for more information about the grant or future grants contact:(