Grade 3-Welcome back to school!

Welcome back to school and welcome to the incoming 3rd graders! I hope your summer was full of praying, playing and reading! We are going to have an exciting year filled with lots of plans, projects, learning and fun! School officially begins on August 28th.

We welcome our new priest Father Carlos.

Don't forget your Scholastic Summer Workbook which is due on the first day of school.


Supply List -(Due first day of school)

Folders (2)- One for Home and one for school

Crayons- 1 box

Highlighters- 1 pkg.

Pencils-1 pkg.

Erasers-for pencil tips

Red Correcting Pens-1 pkg.



Rubber gloves

Lysol wipes


Paper Towels

Cups, Plates, Bowls, Spoons, Forks





The 3rd grade has been granted another grant/scholarship for  our yearly Book writing project-supported by the Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation for $1,000.00- for more information about the grant or future grants contact:(