Grade 3-

January- Happy New Year to all!

Mrs. Masiello

Dates to Remember- Catholic Schools Week- Jan. 28-Feb. 1


Ice Cream - $ 1.00 every day

Pizza- every Wednesday (money due by Tues.)

The 3rd grade has been granted a scholarship for  our yearly Book writing project-supported by the Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation for $1,000.00- for more information about the grant or future grants contact:(

 Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation has granted the 3rd grade a scholarship of 1,000.00. This scholarship will be used toward the Arts. The students will be working with a local artist to perform in a story writing assignment and performance 



Items Needed- 

Ongoing Class Donations - Empty Shoeboxes , paper towels, tissues, rubber gloves, hand wipes and lysol wipes.