Pre-Kindergarten Mission Philosophy

The St. Francis & St. Rose of Lima School Readiness Program is dedicated to serving the community by providing quality early childhood services for children and their families. We strive to provide and maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where the developmental needs of the children are addressed. We believe that play is a child's work. Through social interaction and play activities, we teach children life skills so they can form healthy relationships, be independent, solve problems and conflicts, learn self-discipline, and show respect for others.

All children have different needs and abilities. We intend to reach out and develop the whole child with the help of the staff, parents/guardians, and community. Child-centered curriculum is built upon observing and understanding each child's skill and interest level and basing the curriculum and individualized lesson plans and activities around these observations. We provide developmentally appropriate materials both indoors and out and encourage children toward making their own choices and participating in activities where they can experience joy and success.

Our teachers are dedicated and nurturing professionals who are committed to being proactive in professional development, thus attending training and seminars to improve our practices. We are a NAEYC accredited program, therefore there are and will be frequent staff training and center improvements, in our quality and practices as a result. We can assure you that we will provide notice in advance of any professional development days, and you will frequently see the evidence of these training's and improvements in our center.