St. Francis and St. Rose School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and colleges. The renewal for accreditation is due in the year 2019.

Curriculum Design:
Curriculum Design includes every learning experience (academic and co-curricular) sponsored by the school. The subjects included in curriculum meet and/or exceed the requirements of Common Core, as applicable to private schools, and Archdiocesan policies and procedures.
Curriculum design and development is not merely a course of study or a listing of goals and objectives, but rather encompasses all of the learning experiences that students receive under the direction of the school. Consideration is given to the needs of the students, the abilities of the staff, and the requirements of time allotments, according to Archdiocesan and applicable state regulations.
St. Francis and St. Rose School maintains a balanced curriculum, including religion, language arts (English grammar, phonics, writing, vocabulary, spelling, oral language, and handwriting), science, mathematics, geography, social studies, health/wellness, physical education, the arts, Spanish, and service learning. Technology is integrated into all curricular areas. 

Developmental Curriculum:
A developmental curriculum respects all the stages of growth of the student, leading her/him from mastery of basic skills to abstract thinking to creative insight. Education is more than information gathering. Therefore, students are helped to see the ramifications of facts, to draw inferences, to conceptualize and ultimately to synthesize. To accomplish this, teachers know their students and differentiate instruction and assessment to meet the needs of all students.

Integrated Curriculum:
Each aspect of the curriculum is seen in relation to the whole, each subject area in relation to all others. Interdisciplinary planning is absolutely necessary to minimize compartmentalization and fragmentation. The thinking skills needed to discover solutions - personal, social, moral - includes the facility to interrelate knowledge of oneself and others with facts and concepts from several different disciplines.